There was a slick, Space Age feel to this collection, the first, full fall effort under creative directors Antonino Ingrasciotta and Josef Graesel. The duo took inspiration from cold-weather heroes, including the Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner, and spun climbing, skiing and sports clothing into pieces for everyday life. Standout looks included slim puffers and sweaters adorned with abstract mountain silhouettes in white, blue or gray. Models wore elegant white puffer shawls-come-dresses, or all-black jackets more suited to urban terrain. The presentation was fun, with scarves, sneakers and gloves suspended inside huge blocks of real ice, and a soundtrack meant to echo climbers’ boots crackling on the frozen snow.

WWD Critique: Ingrasciotta and Graesel are having fun plundering the Fila archives and viewing this sports brand through the lens of fashion and streetwear. They are turning Fila into a thoughtful, polished collection that just happens to be inspired by outdoor sports.

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