For his first presentation outside its showroom, Plan C created a charming installation offering a minimal, contemporary take on shadow play with common objects, including children’s toys and kitchenware, projected onto the white walls.

The presentation’s experimental feel perfectly matched the edgy attitude of the collection designed by Carolina Castiglioni, who continued to evolve the brand’s aesthetic toward a elegant daywear. Bright colors, including green, pink and yellow, met essential, clean silhouettes, their rigor interrupted by playful touches, such as polka dot patterns, as well as patches and prints injected with children-like fantasy. Feminine flounced skirts were paired with shirts and deconstructed blazers; suits showed wide-leg pants and boxy blazers, their mannish vibe counterbalanced in the lineup by the charming floral dresses cinched at the waist with coordinated sashes. While armor-like vests showed utility pockets, exuding workwear functionality, maxi frocks were decorated with soft ribbons to tie around the neck.

With its recognizable mix of quirkiness and cool, Plan C, which will be among the brands sold at the new Barneys at Saks, leads the pack of independent projects making Milan as interesting off the catwalk as on.

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