Why talk about sustainability when you can wear it on your sleeve, or in the case of Vivetta, your eco-fur coat, flower-studded collar or apple tree dress? Vivetta Ponti who shares her hometown, Assisi, with St. Francis, patron of animals and the environment, laid down her own green manifesto with this charming, typically kooky collection.

“Sustainability, the environment and respect for nature have always been a priority for me, even before they became a talking point. I’m a mother, too, which makes you project into the future,” said the designer, adding that 30 percent of the textiles in the collection are sustainable. “And this is only the first step.” Ponti is one of many designers in London and Milan to take eco-issues to heart this season, work with greener fabrics and processes and commit to bigger goals.

Ponti spread the lush countryside — complete with white fences, cats, sheep, trees, barns and rolling green hills — across dresses, coats and knits. Rough-edged flower appliqués blossomed over gray wool New Look suits and popped as 3-D details on the collars of other suits, blouses and bright green gloves.

Rippling, faux leather dresses with pouf sleeves were as red as the apples on trees adorning coats and skirts. Tufts of white cloud sprouted from wool coats, while trees, rivers and white fences zigzagged across fuzzy jackets and vests. Most of these sweet, youthful looks worked, although it will take one big personality — a member of Extinction Rebellion perhaps, or a kindergarten teacher — to sport the wackier ones without looking like the wife of the Jolly Green Giant.

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