Andrea Lieberman is direct in her design approach and evolution for A.L.C. “I never think it’s a radical departure for us,” she noted. “It’s very focused on our girl, her story, her life, her needs. For me, I definitely feel like it’s a lot about keeping things modern.”

To that end, she focused on classic items meant to round out a covetable wardrobe: Think tailoring, knitwear and jeans cut with a preppy Seventies spirit. She brought in interesting textures with chintz pleated fabrics and drapey, side-ruched corduroy tops tucked into the perfect high-waisted straight-leg jeans. A warm palette of auburn, sumac and earth tones made a roomy coat, furry jacket, sweaters and clingy knits more inviting. A tight pink polo cut with a low neckline maintained the perfect balance of nostalgia, proportion play and attitude. “These are things she puts in her closet,” Lieberman concluded. They fill “a real need in a woman’s wardrobe in a modern, sexy and effortless way.”