Thanks to the support of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, Alejandra Alonso Rojas made her runway debut with a show hosted on Wednesday at Spring Studios. For fall, the designer kept it very personal. Her main source of inspiration was a picture of her Spanish great-aunt Pilar captured in the Sixties walking in the streets of New York wearing a vibrant striped scarf. That accessory, as well as the saturated colors of Francisco de Goya and Meredith Frampton’s portraits of women, influenced the lineup’s charming color palette, which included beautiful shades of pink, yellow, turquoise and red. Playing with her signature natural dyes, made with flowers and leaves, she injected a delicate botanical reference into fluid silk styles, including a pretty long slipdress, frocks with incorporated bras, relaxed suits with a pajama-like feel and a trenchcoat.

WWD Critique: While this season Alonso Rojas explored more evening territory, the collection reached its peak with the beautiful cozy knitted sweaters, such as a patchwork style featuring a bright geometric pattern and a ribbed turtleneck, printed with fall leaves, that was tucked into a sensual satin skirt revealing a high slit.