Peter Do is without question one of the most promising young designers to emerge out of New York and beyond. His brand is highly desirable, offering the type of effortless cool factor and modernist edge undercut with reality that sets him apart from the horde of brands trying to capture the attention of devoted Philophiles.

After only a year and a half in business, he ended a successful fall market (he holds sales during Paris men’s) with a whopping 40 stockists, and will be temporarily closing off distribution to new retail partners for a year in order to allow his factories to grow alongside him and meet the increased demand. It’s a great problem to have, and one that clearly indicates how much his clothes are resonating — even sans runway, presentation or press outreach (a concept almost unheard of in today’s race for virality).

Do built his brand through social media, providing fans and buyers alike behind-the-scenes insight to his process and teasing new product along the way. Prime example: He introduced a few covetable boot styles for fall through social media and his own e-commerce and has seen high preorder sales, not surprising considering their sturdy construction and trendy square-shaped steel toe.

The clothes were equally compelling, evolving the language of tailoring and meant to empower. Single-button closures on long blazers cinched up top were cut to reveal flared wide-leg pants below, while two-piece trenchcoats in khaki and his signature spacer fabric experimented with exposure in refined ways. He had his first glam moment with a four-piece sequined suit, and fun when elongating the cuffs of a sleek coat.

The concept of the final girl from horror films and thrillers — “there’s always a girl who’s surviving,” Do noted — could be seen in badass black leather looks. Given our current political climate, the notion of strong women powering through adversity was poignant inspiration for a designer who provides real-world options. Rounding out modern luxe pieces were a reversible shearling that revealed beautiful leather, cozy and enveloping “tattoo line” sweaters and pants with dual construction.

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