Just a few days after Beverly Pepper passed away on Feb. 5, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen celebrated the legacy of this acclaimed American artist. Some of her sculptures — made of iron, steel, earth and stone — were installed inside The Row’s minimal show venue. The powerful combination of masculine materials and soft, sinuous forms resonated with the brand’s fall collection and its signature minimalism, which was all about an hyper-chic, urban look.

Clean lines, generous volumes, impeccable constructions, a restrained color palette of neutrals, including brown, black, gray, beige and white, juxtaposed with a touch of bright blue, were the defining elements of the lineup.

Tailoring informed the collection. Mannish suits, sometimes more traditional and formal, sometimes revisited with collarless jackets and pleated baggy pants, were shown next to beautifully crafted cashmere coats and flowing trenches, as well as essential, lightweight knits, such as turtlenecks and elongated cardigans.

An interesting coat with a mandarin collar was crafted from a textured, ribbed fabric, adding a charming tactile feel to the collection, which also featured simple tunic dresses worn with matching pants.

Quintessentially essential, the lineup never felt too rigorous or severe. It was actually infused with a certain welcoming lightness and softness, which made it highly desirable for all those women who look for just that uncomplicated perfection.

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