“The music is everything,” Veronica Miele Beard noted backstage before the brand’s first runway show, adding: “Note the opener. It’s very important to the brand.” That song was Dolly Parton’s feminist anthem “9 to 5,” truly fitting for a runway 10 years in the making, brimming with elements of the modern uniform Miele Beard and her partner (and sister-in-law) Veronica Swanson Beard have perfected and grown into a community over the years. “We are creating a uniform for this woman today who wants it all,” Swanson Beard said. They focused on quintessential layering pieces: jackets with dickeys, leather trousers, glammed-up denim and statement outerwear, at times combined together in a joyful celebration of colors, patterns and female empowerment.

WWD Critique: The runway put a sharp focus on reality, where essentials were both practical and glam, highlighting how the designers have successfully taken women through aspects of daily life over the years.