Cividini certainly isn’t the first brand to revisit the Seventies but to its credit, founders Pietro and Miriam Cividini witnessed the decade’s style firsthand. “We were already a team in the Seventies as teenagers,” Pietro said backstage. “So we decided to look back at our memories from that time to create a collection that reflects a softer version of that era.”

The softness was evident in both textures and prints. Chunky wool sweaters in brown and burgundy added coziness to a tailored skirt, while an oversize chenille sweater clashed happily with the yellow floral print silk shirt it was worn over. Thick woolen belts, as wide as corsets but obviously a lot comfier, circled the waist of a checkered shirtdress. Prints were faded and a bit messy: a velvet pantsuit looked literally scribbled on. The high point of the collection were the knee-high patent leather boots that were worn with the silhouettes, adding a sexy touch.

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