The designers of New York-based Commission swooped in to Paris to present their fall collection, a crisp lineup of luxury staples for women who trade in modern perfection — of an original sort. The collars on sharply cut shirts pointed downward, a solid faux-mink dress had thin straps, trousers were made with two waistlines — doubling up the rows of belt loops.

Dylan Cao, Huy Luong and Jin Kay founded their label a year and a half ago, intending to relay a specifically Asian flavor of chic — not too flashy and drawing on influence from their stylish, working mothers.

One wore a fanny pack to the market, and they latched on to this idea, working it into a slim pocket on one hip, gently raising the waist on that side. The subtle touch has become a signature, applied to tailored trousers, a pleated skirt and the label’s newest addition: jeans. A pattern on a plastic tablecloth, from back in the day and featuring orange, pink and yellow roses, was whipped into elegant silk dresses, skirts and blouses well as a padded scarf-like creation — they called it a back warmer — that sat on the shoulders and tied across the chest. And the retro tennis blouse was transformed into another silky number, with a zip-up neck, that carried romance with discretion.

The LVMH Prize finalists have a well thought-out venture, precise execution and impeccable taste — this showed in their fall proposal.