For the past six months, Coperni’s Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant have had the World Wide Web on their minds. With good reason: they have been working on the relaunch of their web site, which went live a few hours after the show.

The collection, which the pair designed around this launch and “as an homage to the web,” they said, traced a digital native following the footsteps of Sir Timothy Berners-Lee — the computer scientist who invented the global information system in the late Eighties — in her exploration of this ever-changing frontier.

The digital realm was celebrated everywhere: in the animated GIF invitation that featured a snippet of HTML code fading away to reveal the address; in the venue, the French start-up incubator Station F, and in the clothes themselves.

There was nothing virtual about this smart lineup, which kept to the minimal yet uber-cool vibe they cultivate. A T-shirt that said “Enter the Web” featured part of the brand’s web site code printed on the inside. Woven elements nodded to the idea of an interconnected web. Elsewhere, the network’s immaterial nature was alluded to in transparent textures or in skirts and tops that felt like they were mirroring each other, while its speed was symbolized by the right-leaning slant featured in most looks. Its popular Swipe and Wi-Fi bags were joined by the app, a rounded square shape tilted on its side — bound to be a hit like its predecessors, online and off.

If the buttoned-up futurist feel of the collection skewed more toward “Gattaca”-style surveillance society than freewheeling start-up culture, well, that might just be an overdose of “Black Mirror.” “There are people who are becoming afraid of technology but the Coperni woman is optimistic,“ Vaillant said. “She believes in science, embraces all these evolutions that will make our world better.”

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