For his first Issey Miyake fall collection, artistic director Satoshi Kondo said he wanted to channel hope and energy for the future and also, in keeping with the house’s longstanding philosophy, “to show the relationship between the body and the clothes, and the space in between.”

Kondo named this collection “Making Speaking, Speaking Making” to underline the fun and joy the clothes were meant to express.

Fun was the seamless knitwear literally linking models together — by the sleeves, cuffs or two-in-one sweaters — and coming in solids: neutrals such as beige, gray or ecru, or bold, saturated hues, like azure and lemony yellow.

Puffers had a twist, thanks to detachable parts. Take the white bolero paired with zippy trousers and the red knee-length shorts with matching jacket.

In pure Issey Miyake tradition, Kondo experimented with fabric techniques, such as blending wool and paper, using patterns that seemed like drawings or prints, and crafting a wafting blouse in a light silk material that morphed into a jacket.

Some of the minimalist looks in this multifaceted, busy collection were among the most eye-catching, such as the wide two-tiered shirt with pointy collars, and the light pink boiler suit with an outer layer draped from and tied to the waist.


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