The world has gone a bit topsy-turvy, and Kiminte Kimhekim’s aesthetic fits right in. Drawing on his experience in draped tailoring at Balenciaga, he continued to recast classics, flipping them around, blowing them up, adding sex appeal — and a dollop of humor. Oversize men’s trousers were pulled up over the chest and rebuilt as a shoulderless jumpsuit — cinched tightly with a thick, brown leather belt. A long coat was worn backward, left open to expose the shoulder blades while the arms of a tuxedo dragged on the ground. An infusion of pastel-colored organza transformed the hoodie into a statement of elegance and brought movement to a traditional Korean shaman skirt.

WWD Critique: The label’s quirkiness may verge on gimmicky, yet Kimhekim made a strong case for taking risks to uncover new forms of elegance.

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