A quick scroll through Peggy Gou’s Instagram makes it clear the techno DJ and producer is never happier than when wearing an oversize sweatshirt. But for fall, she’s taking her Kirin Peggy Gou collection in a more upscale direction, with tailored pieces featuring geometric patterns inspired by dancheong, the painted motifs found on traditional Korean buildings.

Though based in Berlin and more often than not racking up air miles, Gou has made Korean references a signature of her collection, now in its third season. Her stylized version of dancheong appeared as a jacquard motif on a viscose shirt, a patchwork pattern on a quilted jacket or a digital print on jeans.

While pajamas remain a staple of the brand, she also offered a more sophisticated take on loungewear, via habotai silk robes with colorful geometric motifs. At the other end of the spectrum were playful fake furs in primary color block designs, used for plush jackets, a bucket hat and an oversize fanny pack.

While Gou likes to switch themes every season — “I have too many ideas for the next time” — she hopes to establish enough brand signatures to expand the label. “I’m looking to do some collaborations, maybe when the Kirin [brand] has more identity,” she said.

Don’t expect to find the collection at her concert venues, though. Gou keeps her tour merchandise strictly separate, and even though the Kirin aesthetic is built around her personality, she doesn’t mind if the people who buy it don’t recognize her name. “I want the brand to stand on its own feet in the future,” she said.