Victoria Feldman and Tomas Berzins have grown out of their signature striped shirts — or maybe they’ve just glammed them up. “We were inspired by Paris at night and how Parisian women dress up,” said Feldman, gesturing to a silver miniskirt with a ruffled edge and tone-on-tone stripes, as well as a simple white vest worn with a pair of high-waisted leather trousers with tiny chain fringe details.

The collection was heavily Eighties-inspired, down to the leather berets and crystal earrings. The duo worked jewelry directly into clothes: a red shirtdress was punked up thanks to a chain necklace looping from one collar to the other. Cashmere cardigans with buttoned side openings were worn as minidresses, while a cashmere coat created in collaboration with Cashmere Flakes had removable down jacket arms and a cute little muff.

Long fringes swished from coats hems and asymmetrical skirts, but the coolest looks were the miniskirts worn with matching fanny packs and oversize cropped jackets. These were the girls you definitely want to party with.

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