A London darling for decades, Duro Olowu knows how to make a woman smile with his flattering silhouettes and passion for clashing pattern and color. His latest collection was inspired by two painters: Barkley L. Hendricks and Édouard Vuillard.

Olowu said both artists’ attention to background, detail and pattern moved him, and he drew from their color palettes, working shades including fuchsia, burnt orange, pink, green and turquoise into this energy shot of a collection.

The look: Lots of dynamism — zigzags, daisy chain and abstract patterns — and layer upon layer of luscious fabric. Olowu’s women won’t feel the winter chill in their tailored knit suits with long, bathrobe jackets; cape coats tossed over the shoulders of shalwar kameez styles, and long and lean clashing print dresses with little bandana-style ties at the neck. This collection was so bright, it’s no wonder his model is wearing giant sunglasses.

Quote of note: “It’s always about injecting an aura of energy and optimism into the wearer — and not overshadowing her personality. These clothes are an ode to style and to optimism — but they’re not about showing off. Empathy and beauty make a great combination.”

Takeaway: Buzzy, fun and radiating joy — just like the man himself.