Sandra Sandor continued the exploration of surrealism she started for pre-fall, by delving further into the “discourse of fantasy versus reality” the movement stood for and its overall spirit of optimism. Rather than a literal interpretation, she sprinkled exaggerated collars and contrasting materials, with brand favourites like cozy knits and signature leather separates.

The look: Muted colors, chic tailoring and lots of tactile details, from the ceramic buttons to the braided ribbon embellishments on a sweater.

Quote of note: “Comfort is key and one of our founding values. The pandemic, reassured us how important it is and while designing during this time, we wanted to offer freedom hence the utility and active wear elements, from the puffer jackets to the stirrup pants,” said Sandor.

Standout Pieces: A pastel pink padded pink jacket wrapped around the body like a cloud and designed to embody the experience of dreaming. A leather shift dress, made of hand-stitched, rhombus-shaped upcycled leather pieces was another highlight, showing how the brand is starting to add more experimental, one-of-a-kind pieces to its repertoire.

Takeaway: The collection was filled with desirable pieces, both classic commercial wins and more directional pieces. The label’s commitment to sustainability — it debuted a new sustainable seersucker fabric and increased the amount of eco-fabrics in the range by 18 percent — is also applause-worthy.

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