Thanks to a trip to Jingdezhen, China, where the world’s most exquisite china is made, Pronounce’s Yushan Li and Jun Zhou explored traditional pottery and translated it in physical and philosophical way with their fall 2021 collection.

The Look: Here is a great example of modern men’s wear rooted in Chinese heritage. Cue the reinterpretation of Mao suits, traditional Chinese garment details on tailoring pieces, and fragments of pottery made into belts and jewelry. The clash of luscious chintz fabrics and untreated canvas in the collection offered some very strong looks.

Quote of note: “A local story we heard during the trip struck a chord with me,” Li related. “In the past, they would only keep the most exquisite one from a batch and smash the rest into pieces. The collection is a dissertation on that winner-takes-it-all system, which is much celebrated in China. As a piece of art or a human being, each one of them is beautiful in its own right. Yet most of them become a sacrifice because of the structure of the system.”

Standout pieces: Statement coats and blazers in clashing fabrics, and dresses printed with pottery fragments. Silk shirts with tricolor printing inspired by Tang Dynasty Sancai glazed pottery. Quilted skirts with pottery motifs from an ancient catalog. Clogs in collaboration with Birkenstock.

The takeaway:  A growing number of Western-trained Chinese designers like Li and Zhou are ushering in a neo-Chinese aesthetic that appeals to the East and the West. With China having a much bigger say in the world of luxury as a consumer market, its creatives are bound to gain higher visibility in the coming years.

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