Over the years, Arthur Arbesser has carved out a niche of customers that include art dealers and opera enthusiasts alike, so when last summer he found a painter’s palette covered in zingy brushstrokes and a harlequin felt doll in a Milan flea market, something clicked. 

The look: Conjuring an arty vibe without looking costume-y, Arbesser managed to translate the colorful brushstrokes and the signature colorful checkered pattern of Harlequin into cool prints and intarsia works for his laid-back collection. 

Quote of note: “I always want to keep writing my fashion story and that means that we have to do a collection, even small and tight, every six months no matter what. It’s a deal I made with myself,” Arbesser said adding that he’s also doing costumes for opera and dance pieces.  

Standout pieces: pajama options in colorful checkered prints; cozy knits in fluffy mohair with geometric patterns nodding to the work of British artist Joe Tilson; miniskirt with a 1960s flair paired with crewnecks; a sheath patchwork dress crafted from fabric scraps from past seasons; fluid shirts for both genders crafted from a repurposed fall 2018 striped jersey, hand-printed with floral motif on top of it. 

Takeaway: With his joyful and charming fall lineup, he proved that fashion can provide as much excitement as a theater piece. 

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