“There’s a way of dressing up and feeling good and put-together without rubbing it in someone’s face or overly making a statement,” designers Chloé and Parris Gordon remarked during Beaufille’s fall collection appointment. The Canadian sisters have made their mark in the industry over the past seven years with remarkable clothes that meld sophistication and youthfulness, balancing femininity with a tough edge. Their fall collection was no different, offering refined, effortless dress with a focus on sustainability and the influence of nature.

“Isolation has, in a sense, brought us back to nature — spending so much more time outside and reconnecting with ourselves. We wanted to portray that idea of a woman setting out on a new journey, in this sort of new world with optimism, hope and playfulness,” they explained.

Fabrics lent themselves to the idea throughout. For instance, the collection’s first look: a wonderful gray melange jacket and skirt look (with matching bags) composed of a double-faced Neoprene with an outer layer of boiled wool that bridged the gap between ready-to-wear and outerwear. Soft on the inside, warm and durable on the outside. Technical crinkled nylon, complete with sportswear-inspired toggles, too pushed this idea in a fashionable way. 

In lieu of the brand’s signature airy chiffon dresses, the duo leaned into practical dress of the times with knitwear. Details they would previously reserve for occasional dresses could be seen throughout the intriguing offerings in the form of dresses over pants (divine in pleated baby blue), skirts and tops. 

While the duo has always been committed to sustainability, they’ve been focusing on communicating their efforts (recently debuting a sustainable collection on their new e-commerce in place of a spring collection) while trying to reduce their carbon footprint through manufacturing and fabric-sourcing closer to their Canadian home-base. 

“In general, the whole collection follows our established ethos of effortless dressing, but pushing it forward in higher quality materials and sharper construction and more sustainable ways of producing.”

From slouchy suiting to garments with a hand-painted abstract floral print (designed by their mother, who is an artist), the entire collection hit the mark melding subtlety with sophistication.

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