Johnson Hartig continued to celebrate his brand’s 20th anniversary, a milestone it hit last year, by reflecting on what has made Libertine so popular over the past two decades and using that as the launching point for the 2021 version.

The look: Intricate embellishments that are notable and also tell a story.

Quote of note: “Our roots were based in making wearable paintings and assemblages from vintage clothes,” said Hartig. “I’ve turned back to that mind-set of resourcefulness and reinvention to develop these past two collections. The common threads that ran through the entire warp and waft of Libertine’s fabric: romanticism, horror, poetry, classical antiquities, nature and women’s 18th- and 19th-century handwork, to name just a few, feel very exciting to me again.”

Standout pieces: The tailored suit for women, emblazoned with a black floral design on a taupe background, pushed the brand beyond just the brightly colored and eye-popping textures Libertine has become known for. That’s not to say the collection doesn’t feature the brand’s signature collaged art pieces, offered up this time in everything from dresses and short sets to floor-length coats.

The takeaway: Hartig is still a master of creating wearable art for women and men not afraid of making a statement.

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