One of the things I’ve been talking about [to wholesale partners] is that this company of mine has really become a full-lifestyle. It’s no longer just a collection I get out every few months, it’s really one wardrobe that serves my lifestyles and is informed by my lifestyles. I’m sharing it because I assume, and know, that other women will react to the same thing,” Nili Lotan said over Zoom.

The designer is continually known for her signature 1970s-influenced point-of-view rendered into lifestyle wardrobing. Pushing functional yet luxurious and special pieces (especially in outerwear) has been a key focus as of recent seasons; for fall, this idea was no different through her day- and outerwear offerings shot and styled, once again, for both “country” (in her new upstate home) and “city” living (on the streets of TriBeCa).

“It’s not about price-point, it’s about quality and elevated design and handwork. I tried to create pieces that are very special, that you emotionally satisfy by wearing them,” she explained.

The look: The signature Nili Lotan ’70s-inspired wardrobe.

Quote of note: “I’ve always been very much inspired by my own needs, my own wardrobe, my own life. So, nothing’s changed. My childhood is the same, the past is the same,” Nili Lotan quipped over Zoom, adding, “I’m very much inspired by the fact that I bought a house in the country.”

Key pieces: Ivory fisherman hand-knits (knitwear was noted as a continual key category for the brand); elevated velour tracksuits; a Mongolian shearling coat and vest; silk blouses (a change up from the brand’s recent cotton offerings, both printed or with delicate ruffled collars) paired back to new interpretations of ’70s-inspired denim and corduroy jeans. 

The takeaway: Over the years, Lotan has designed collections around aspects of her life, “whether it’s athletic, loungewear, working, creating or celebrating.” (She even alluded to a future athletic collaboration during the fall appointment.) Fall encapsulated these ideas for day, no matter the Nili Lotan woman’s locale.

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