February marked the release of Norma Kamali’s memoir and guidebook, “I Am Invincible,” followed by the debut of her upcoming fall 2021 collection.

Kamali’s handbook serves as a guide for women — illustrating the transitions and experiences through decades in her life. Much like the advice given within “I Am Invincible,” Kamali wanted to display how her fashions have, and continue to, transcend age. 

“My collections for the past 50 years have always been thought of as body-conscious, movement and active-lifestyle focused. Yes, in many ways it is the highest demographic in the 24- to 45-age range who wear my clothes; however, some of my followers through the years are now in their 50s, 60s, 70s, even their 80s are wearing my clothes as well,” the voice of Kamali spoke over a video displaying the fall collection. “I decided to illustrate how a 55-year-old woman could target my collection by inviting a Kundalini yoga instructor to model this season’s collection; I styled her the way I wear the collection. I’m 20 years older than she is, and she is 35 years older than my models.”

The result proved Kamali’s underlying theme of her book: aging with power. Offering signature styles with a playful ’70s punch, the designer played to every age of her customers. Uplifting vintage prints on familiar velvet fashions (dresses, easy suit sets, kick-flare trousers and jackets) brought forth a prominent and purposeful “peace and love” feeling to the collection alongside a robust lineup of denim (with new acid-wash, chambray and shibori-like effects), signature track and lounge sets and playful sequined dresses. The designer also leaned into sheer layering, styled to the wearer’s interpretation: as a cover-up atop her continually successful swimwear, or as lingerie for future vacations. The designer referred to her collections as brazen — for her “Revolve customer,” this might mean cut-out, body-hugging dresses, or for her more modest client, this could be a head-to-toe acid-wash Canadian tuxedo or groovy teal velvet dress. To round out the versatile array, Kamali folded in cozy neutral layers, with the added bonus of tees promoting “I Am Invincible.”

Overall, Norma Kamali’s fall collection encapsulated the ideas of her new guidebook and memoir, “I Am Invincible,” through fashions to empower women through any decade of life.