For her latest collection, Rosetta Getty continued her collaboration with artist Bernadette Van-Huy of Bernadette Corp., bringing the 1990s-inspired élan from pre-fall into the fall season.

While pre-fall focused on the “multi-functions of home,” for fall, Getty wanted to design fashions to embrace the world again through pieces that balanced cozy and sophisticated. Layered, minimalist and utility dressing, a focus on outerwear and luxe fabrications, and a few nostalgic silhouettes (harem pants, slip dressing, elongated trouser skirts) were updated and paired back with popular footwear from the era, chunky Dr. Martens boots. 

The look: A mix of modern outerwear and versatile layers in rich leathers, recycled cashmere, wool, silks and more. Also, Getty catered to her daughters and younger clientele (mentioning 70 percent of her customers are under age 30) through modern takes on 1990s classics.

Quote of note: Speaking about the ‘90s, Getty mentioned it included, “A bunch of moments of creativity, where so many things were born out of nothing at that moment.” Referring to both fall, and similarly her pre-fall collection she added, “Back to that, again. Almost the starting over of who we are, where we go from here. We’re all having to look at that and reinvent ourselves in our new world.”

Key looks: Pebble grain leather outerwear — an ivory trench and trouser with recycled cashmere hoodie or cognac tailored coat atop a moto jacket and straight-leg trouser; a versatile, paisley-printed crepe viscose scarf shirt (best over a pair of matching, pleated harem pants); twisted slipdresses; an all-white ensemble of crewneck technical cady tailored jacket atop a little ruched mesh jersey bandeau top and maxi trouser skirt; a burgundy stretch plongé lapel jacket and matching cropped pant with tuxedo bib tunic men’s striped shirt.  

The takeaway: While the look book’s green screen background, art directed and shot by Van-Huy, depicted a static life behind screens — a glimpse of the year Getty, Van-Huy and her customers have been stuck in due to the pandemic — the fall fashions brought forth aspirational, functional dress to take on the world.

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