Who said event dressing was dead? With his kitschy runway-show-cum-awards ceremony livestreamed from Taipei, designer Angus Chiang’s coed offering for fall was a marked contrast with the more understated esthetics many designers are channeling right now.

A hostess clad in a hot pink cocktail dress presented the collection in Mandarin, with a peppering of English terms here and there. “Exaggerated oversize look” was one expression that summed up much of the collection, centered on ample tailoring in a rainbow of bright silks and an array of red-carpet gowns of varying proportions. “Minimalist” was also part of her discourse, but as a description of the collection, it was wide of the mark.

Seventies-inspired wide collars, loud ties, contrasting buttons, giant silk berets and outsized silver jewelry and hardware, paired with Doc Martens boots in many looks, knocked home the extraverted message.

The presentation ended with a short film entitled “Me” and featuring a cast of youngsters sporting a colorful array of more everyday, sporty looks reprising some of the themes seen on the runway.

On his website, Chiang was selling what appeared to be tickets to a 50-minute version of the film to be released in theaters in Taiwan on Jan. 29.