Architecture is often an inspiration for Marie-Christine Statz. For fall, she set her designs against the backdrop of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, filming in the corridors and on the escalators of the cavernous cultural space as she yearned for a dose of culture. While the setting was not confirmed when she designed the collection, it was nonetheless echoed in the colors of the lineup, with bursts of vivid blue, bright green and red.

The look: For the second season in a row, Statz integrated a softer touch to her lineup. Complimenting her generous, yet sharply tailored shapes, often treated in dark color-blocked pairings of fabrics, were voluminous brushed mohair pieces that popped in bright colors.

Quote of note: “It’s a soft armor. I still feel that we want to be protected,” Statz said at a collection preview in her studio. Integrating bright colors in her palette was a way of adding feeling to the collection, she said. “I needed to have some excitement, it’s been a year of browns, beiges and black.”

Standout pieces: Burgundy suiting with an understated sense of warmth; wide pants worked in brown and black or two-tone burgundy, their side slits fastened with a single contrasting button; a quilted jacket in camel that was like a dressier version of a puffer jacket and a matching slit-sided skirt with diagonal stitching; bouclé knit pants in burgundy; a mohair square in shamrock green that formed a backless high-necked top, held on by three thin straps of elastic.

Takeaway: Marie-Christine Statz’s minimalist tailored silhouettes were more voluminous, enveloping the body yet no less sharp. Her plays on texture and color this season made for a comforting wardrobe that expanded her register while remaining coherent with Gauchere’s distinctive yet understated style stance.

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