A verse from surrealist poet Paul Éluard comparing the Earth to a blue orange was the starting point for Mazarine’s fall collection. Designer Hélène Timsit offered handsome boxy jackets, fluid tops and well-cut denim — all with inventive details such as curved seams and geometric openings.

The look: An astute infusion of the surreal on well-executed contemporary fare for her, and now for him, too.

Quote of note: “I like exploring the visual side of clothes, and our e-commerce, launched last summer, taught us that customers gravitate toward stronger pieces. But this particular season called for a more concise expression,” she added, noting that her lineup had been reduced by about a third.

Standout pieces: A long collarless coat with a meandering placket; a sporty blouson perforated with rows of metallic grommets at the waist; scarf skirts and tops made of rectangular silk panels held together with silver ball buttons and falling asymmetrically when worn; and the denim with contrasting panels assembled with curved seams.

Takeaway: By dialing her experimental side down a notch, Timsit struck the perfect pitch between eye-catching details and a realistic wardrobe. Come next fall, Mazarine’s lineup could be a good contender for what to wear when dressing up for the office or socializing.

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