Rianna Nektaria Kounou and Nina Knaudt are yearning for times of freedom, and this was translated in their broader collection with new, roomy shapes that suggested life in motion. For fall, the Berlin-based duo added their first knitwear with pieces that reprised the vivid prints of their core collection, called Petalouda and named for the Greek word for butterfly. The supple knits and stiffer taffeta added new dimensions and textures to the lineup, and the brand also introduced several silhouettes for men.

The look: Roomy, one-size-fits-all dresses, kimono jackets and separates in a kaleidoscope of busy prints and bright hues with a bohemian, 1970s feel, combining easy dressing with a distinct visual identity. The duo partnered with Bela Silva on a range of sculptural ceramic jewelry, with the artist’s paintings also serving as the backdrop for the lookbook.

Quote of note: “We really wanted to explore movement and a feeling of freedom as much as we could,” the designers said in a joint statement.

Standout pieces: Knitwear pieces like a deep purple cashmere and wool patterned belted jacket; a bright pink taffeta coat hand-embroidered with Swarovski crystals; a new kimono style with box pleating around the waist. In the brand’s one-of-a-kind collection, made from vintage fabrics, a kimono coat in hand-embroidered yellow silk.

Takeaway: If fashion’s role is to help us feel good about life, mission accomplished. The unbridled optimism of Rianna + Nina’s bright, breezy allover looks, with their naïve vintage charm, is infectious.

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