Billy Reid’s versatile Southern-twinged Americana style continued for fall with a lineup of great sportswear and deft tailoring, this time with a dose of European polish influenced by his recent visits to Paris and London. Fantastic outerwear made a big statement: A double-faced wool trench was topped off with a wide-brim hat, and an oiled-cotton coat exuded a rugged effortlessness when worn over a satin shift with oiled-leather boots. A chic cropped distressed-leather bomber layered over a cashmere sweater, oxford shirt and embroidered pencil skirt had an old-world feel, while a smartly tailored cobalt blue suit smacked of Parisian sophistication.

The men’s wear mirrored this vibe, marking a notable departure from the outdoor workman look of the past. The first exit, a hand-tailored cashmere tweed three-piece suit, set the tone for the new refined direction. Reid skillfully played with varying textures like hopsack, slubbed cashmere and nutria — the latter lined a cotton parka worn over a wool and cashmere tweed suit. In all, a solid new aesthetic emerged.