“I feel like I want to change something with the idea of men’s clothes: Bring more energy, bring more excitement,” Simons said after his daring show, whose oddities included colored locks of hair hanging down the back of shirts, jackets and coats. Once again, Simons subverted convention, lopping off suit pants at the knee and styling shirts as outerwear over other shirts. The main statement was oversize tailoring: Suit jackets and chunky overcoats that sometimes overwhelmed his young, sneaker-clad models. Simons took chances with color, too. Chunky waffle-knit sweaters came in mustard yellow, lime green and cobalt blue. Simons said he wanted to inject a street feel into the collection. The ombré sweatshirts and grungy bangs that often obscured models’ faces certainly added jolts of cool amidst a tame season.