Simon Spurr, in his first collection for Kent & Curwen, repackaged the concept of cricket, subtly referencing the heritage label’s sporting and military provenance while making it younger, sharper and markedly cooler. “It’s always a risk when you make that leap,” said Spurr, “but the fact is, how many ways do people wear a cricket jumper?” Looking at the anatomy of the cricket bat, he took as his central motif the V-shaped tapered splice that links its handle to the paddle, a chevron shape that conveniently resembles the V on the neck of classic cricket sweaters. These were updated in bright sunflower yellow and burgundy, while the “V” was referenced throughout the collection in detailing at the back of jackets and coats. Spurr’s leather jackets were also among the hits. They came in sunshine yellow, bottle green, Prussian blue and black.

An ebullient Tommy Hilfiger praised the results backstage — Hilfiger is one of the investors in British Heritage Brands, which has acquired the license for the brand in the U.S. and Europe and is overseeing its revamp.

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