Jogging pants, sweatshirts, Henleys and fanny packs on the Bottega Veneta runway? You bet. Tomas Maier has elevated slacker chic to a new summit, and it looked as appealing as a lazy Sunday afternoon.

There was nothing uptight or stuffy in this luxurious collection, which hit on many of the trends gaining currency in Milan: head-to-toe dressing, roomy outerwear and soft leather goods. Maier referenced army sergeants, dockworkers and athletes to create a range of urbane uniforms. Thick ribbed cuffs banded the hems of narrow jersey pants and papery suede and leather jackets, accentuating their informality.

Outerwear ranged from sculpted overcoats in double-face wools to cozy bomber jackets in white shearling, gently stained to create faint camouflage patterns. Rugged sweaters, knit caps and even the cuffs and hems of glen-plaid suits were tinted via dip dyeing, adding a bohemian flair.

Maier didn’t forget the office worker, though his suit comes in tissue-weight gray flannel with pull-on pants, and his briefcase, toted on the hip, is as squishy as a pillow.