John Varvatos delivered a high-energy show with Gothic flair and a twist at the end in the form of four face-painted rock ’n’ rollers, the band members from Kiss. Varvatos channeled their larger-than-life style — and that of comic book superheroes — for this sleek and sexy collection heavy on leather and high-shine silver.

There were silver crocodile jackets, shearling ones with sharp-edged silver toggles, and long black coats with shredded leather sleeves or feathery capelike embellishments. Trousers came in skinny black leather or dark denim, while boots were bikerlike with multiple buckles — some even came with Kiss-esque platform heels.

Varvatos, whose set was like the inside of Count Dracula’s castle — all stone walls, iron chandeliers and flickering candles — also did a feathery cape coat worthy of the Count, and others made from bits of metal mixed with leather that had a crinkly, weathered feel, and one wool and viscose number with a feather effect. And while all the princes of darkness out there will undoubtedly love it, there was more than enough in there for white knights, too.