Rhinestone cowboys, rejoice: Star-spangled rodeos are back in fashion thanks to Donatella Versace, who said she wanted her collection to be “a celebration of individuality, and the freedom to be whoever you want to be in the face of all the oppression in the world right now.”

In Versace speak, that means no double-breasted navy suits or gray trousers. No, freedom means sparkle and shine by the truckload. There were suits ablaze with horseshoe, cactus and sheriff-badge appliqués; a biker boot in colored sparkles across the back of a jacket, and leather trousers and chaps with rhinestones cascading down their sides — the latter styled strategically to show off the Versace underwear collection. One bejeweled leather jacket was so bright it needed its own pair of sunglasses, while a shawl collar tuxedo was made from Lurex spun with real gold.

Accessories were on-brand, including chunky gold sheriff badges worn as necklaces, lariats and motorcycle helmets with sparkles that were painted with the Versace Medusa logo. Some models even carried portfolio bags attached to their wrists with — what else? — golden handcuffs. It was a bucking bronco of a collection that will only appeal to the bravest of cowboys.