Junya Watanabe has yet to tire of the great outdoors.

For fall, he sent a gang of punks on a hunt, yielding an inimitable and charming take on various strands of British style.

Excepting their colorful Ziggy Stardust mullets and hobo trousers, his models were a stylish and vaguely preppy bunch, sometimes pairing their rustic shooting gear or Crombie coats with striped shirts and regimental ties.

The show unfurled as a glossary of iconic English city and country clothes, all fastidiously detailed with tartan patches, leather panels and assorted utility pockets.

The rebel spirit came through in the rush of denim — making a comeback on designer runways — and a finale of gauzy and artfully snagged sweaters.

While many of the clothes were familiar, the proportions were striking, with blazers slightly shrunken, and loose jeans cropped above colorful Kickers boots.