Christopher Bailey beat his very own hippie trail, with an embellished collection featuring tiny mirror details, fringes on scarves and blanket shawls, and pops of paisley and floral print.

The brand’s chief creative and executive officer tempered his flower-child instincts, however, and wove the sparkle, texture and pattern in with classic shapes and fabrics. “I liked the idea of tailoring, of classic pieces mixed with something bohemian and off-kilter. It’s about the contradiction of different worlds,” Bailey said after the show.

To the beat of a live performance by Clare Maguire, his bespectacled hippies strode out in outerwear ranging from shearling coats to fringed blanket shawls in a palette featuring cornflower, olive, teal, burgundy and mustard.

Corduroy or suede jackets came in similar vibrant tones, while quilted cotton ones were printed with paisley, flower and vine patterns. Bits of leopard print crept their way into the lineup – on coats and scarves – while camouflage patterned trousers were a fitting foil for the eye-catching outerwear.

Accessories played a starring role. The piles of embroidered and mirror-embellished bags and scarves, as well as the fringed totes and portfolios, will no doubt pave a trail to profit.