Plastic carrier bags are going the way of incandescent lightbulbs, but not without a fashion tribute, courtesy of Christopher Shannon.

The unlikely motif yielded humorous slogans for intarsia sweaters — a plastic bag declaring “Thanks 4 Nothing,” a can of soda labeled “Broke” — and actual sacks as goofy headgear, fodder for tabloids and eye candy for stylists. Also strictly editorial were side-snap track pants deconstructed into shredded castaway pants. Yet the collection was inventive and newsy with oversize shapes.

Shannon has a knack for making his sporty and streetwise clothes distinctive, adding fuzzy 3-D patches to sweatshirts, contrast panels to sweatpants and zip-off sleeves to pilot jackets. Backstage, he characterized it as “reinventing classics.”

Scattering his logo and stick-on shapes across shirts and outerwear added to his wry commentary on throwaway culture.

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