Stop reading if you’re squeamish: There were sinister overtones to Katie Eary’s human biology lesson of a collection that included rib cages, brains and teeth printed on neoprene sweatshirts and T-shirts, while knitted intestinal coils were appliquéd on sweaters.

Eary referenced her favorite contemporary artists for inspiration. Jenny Saville’s penchant for painting flesh informed the anatomical aspects of the show; Jeff Koons’ candy wrapper sculptures were the base of the jewel-toned palette; and KAWS’ figurines lead to the split-down-the middle aesthetic. That’s a lot for one mixing pot.

Eary’s sense of fun was still there in the lamé turtlenecks that came under every look and in the oversized mohair sweaters that had a giant twisted cable knitted into the front of them. But the collection lacked her usual polish.