The designer loosened up his “no pictures” policy — as well as his silhouettes — at a showroom presentation where he invited guests to snap the models on his perfectly lit white set. “We can get a wind machine if you like,” Ford jested as he talked press and buyers through his new — and slightly more roomy — jackets and Sixties-inspired silhouette. Shaggy haired models strode out in groups, perfect for square-format Instagrams that occasionally resembled album covers of yore.

Ford decided to show only the season’s most directional pieces, including black-and-white patterned jackets with a slight sack shape, and a chunky Sixties-style shearling layered over a suit.

Casual wear included three styles of selvage denim jeans: “Three fits designed to give everyone the narrowest hips and the skinniest legs possible,” said the designer, who paired them with short, rugged shearlings or denim puffer jackets. Eveningwear was clean and modern, with black-and-white optical prints for silk or velvet jackets, skinny bow ties and sneakers to punctuate the look.