Alexander Wang’s vision of the Balenciaga man is coming into sharper focus.

Inspired by mineral landscapes with rocks and concrete as the starting point, the American designer evoked the grainy texture of granite in a jacquard wool sweater, while a windowpane check was partly inspired by an archival fabric and partly by the repetitive pattern of brutalist architecture.

There was little room for showy colors or details, given Wang’s proclivities and the brand’s heritage.

Seamless constructions were true to Cristóbal Balenciaga’s legacy, as in long and neat, tubular coats. Other outerwear pieces, which were at the core of this collection, were cut with a minimal yet innovative hand. Epaulettes and pockets were incorporated into the patterns, and not added on, for a kangaroo leather parka, calfskin suede blouson and waterproof nylon anorak.

Hidden magnet closures on plastron shirts and jackets, or a rod fastener on tailored jackets, underscored the uniform feel of the collection.  Looks were finished with “ice trekker” leather boots, adding to the solid look of this Balenciaga man.