Damir Doma embarked on a trip back to his roots for fall. The designer staged his show at the company headquarters, or “at home” as he put, “to keep it personal,” snubbing the usual fashion locations. Soft, enveloping tailoring was at the center of this refreshingly serene collection. A gray blazer with a detachable shawl-collar was actually taken from his second season as a men’s wear designer, he explained. No glitter, no studs, no unnecessary fur elements — just good, old craftsmanship in combination with rich, natural fabrics. That, according to the book of Doma, is true luxury. The designer focused on bathrobe-y wrap coats and cardigans that were held together with brooches  made of horn, while deliberately leaving his patchwork knitwear unfinished. Minimalism was at its best in duster coats made of textured moss green and opal gray wool, which boasted a handsome, yet unpretentious swagger. Only a series of weirdly high-waisted pants were less than flattering — arguably too nerdy for the streets of Paris.