Umit Benan originally wanted to be a filmmaker, and his latest collection unfurled like a mini movie inspired by his memories growing up in Istanbul. His cast of non-professional models, all bushy beards and greased hair, paraded in outfits inspired by Turkish fishermen against a video backdrop of the Bosphorus strait.
Benan said he was captured by the way the fishermen improbably mixed tailored pieces with technical items and imported clothes. Thus, a coat in rugged striped wool was paired with a green cable knit sweater and shiny blue waterproof pants, the whole lot topped off by a patterned black-and-white scarf.
Sturdy overalls and long coats, including one in yellow cotton with a compass design on the back, gave the display a gimmicky feel at times — an impression not helped by the fact that some of the models carried fishing rods and buckets of water.
Among the characters and costumes, there were plenty of grounded options, too. Chunky knits, reversible quilted vests and practical suits should appeal just as much to landlubbers.

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