The Belstaff man gathers no moss, rolling his off-road bike across inhospitable terrain in extreme conditions – and dressing the part.


Puffers dominated. Some had coyote-trimmed hoods and snow skirts, while others came as onesies for particularly glacial outings. Some were lined with shearling and all had multiple membranes and detachable layers that could be layered to suit various temperatures.


“Fabrics are from Japan, layered, breathable and waterproof,” said Frederik Dyhr, vice president of men’s design at the British brand. “We also wanted to put an urban spin on technical gear.”


Urban touches came in the form of black leather biker jackets, reverse shearling jackets, and fuzzy shearling tops with ribbed knit collars and sleeves. For wet weather there were lightweight, transparent rubber coats that could be layered over sturdier outerwear.


Belstaff is moving rapidly into accessories, which meant that models wore fingerless shearling gloves with mitten flaps, nylon and leather backpacks, and cashmere and merino check scarves made in Scotland.