The American male — in his rugged, blue-collar splendor — was one of Stuart Vevers’ big inspirations for his fun, unfussy fall collection.


The designer was channeling the grizzly charm of Bruce Springsteen in the years between “Born to Run” and “Born in the U.S.A.” He was thinking about crooner’s red bandana, plaid shirts and battered leather jackets — and also about the aesthetics around New York hip-hop, with its outsized proportions, bucket hats and high tops.


“They both had a certain optimism about them — Bruce with his blue-collar poetry and hip-hop, with its rebellion against the status quo,” Vevers explained.


There was shearling galore — on fuzzy white bombers, battered-looking leather coats and more polished ones, too. Tailored outerwear had military airs — agleam with fat buttons echoing the rest of the collection’s pumped-up proportions.


Knits and checks had a folksy feel, worked onto jackets with leather elbow patches, and sparking shirts layered under leather jackets. Roomy knits had extra long sleeves and images of a single rocket ship or a dinosaur plastered on the front.


Vevers said his aim is to lavish color, wit and playfulness — not to mention an easy American charm — on his collections for Coach, using the brand’s leather heritage as a filter. He wanted this collection in particular to be a celebration of everyday heroes, “less precious, more raw — and imperfect.”

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