Fashion belongs to the people. And Public School is getting ever closer to its fans.


A large group of followers and fashion students lined the street outside the glass-enclosed backstage area and were the first ones to see the looks. The models exited from the rear and marched around the block before entering the official venue.
“The show will happen for them first,” said Dao-Yi Chow, Public School cofounder.


Ironically, he said the collection was inspired by David Bowie before his death, especially the film, “The Man Who Fell From Earth.”


This “loner from the outskirts” was dressed in a way that would allow him to “navigate the new land,” Chow said. “For us, it’s a reflection of what’s going on.”


That spirit of survival was apparent in the use of camouflage in T-shirts, zip-up blazers and bomber jackets.


Utility aspects such as Velcro closures on an oversize anorak, and an abundance of quilting reinforced the protectionist spirit.


The heritage streetwear influence and athletic references still resonated in the tailored pieces, which Chow said had a more-sporty silhouette, as well as the elegant layering effects.


The balance between the innovation of the collection and the trendsetting show format reinforced Public School’s ability to lead the way in fashion and keep an ongoing connection with the street culture.

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