For his Florentine debut at Pitti Uomo, Tim Coppens portrayed a contemporary romance set in an apocalyptic, end-of-the-world scenario.

A European boy visiting the States for the first time, a wild girl loyal to her white horse — there was nothing quintessentially romantic about this, except for cute birds printed or embroidered on the clothes, which added a sweet note.

Staying away from a fairytale attitude, Coppens, the fair’s featured designer, opted for a realistic approach by elevating his ath-leisurewear to the urban stage. There were plenty of sportswear options for both men and women, including quilted bombers, tartan jackets with shearling collars and intarsia knitwear. These were all worked in a color palette that included classic neutrals combined with bright pops of red, yellow and electric blue.

Sartorial elements pushed the youthful lineup into more grown-up territory, while women’s slipdresses showed the more quintessentially feminine side of the Tim Coppens girls.

References to rave culture, as well as grunge influences, recalled the Nineties while the sunglasses developed in collaboration with Mykita and the Under Armour Sportswear sneakers injected a futuristic vibe.

After a London season where many designers demonstrated a fear of the future, Coppens sent out a positive message: Despite the apocalypse, there is still hope and the day after can be fun. It can even include a dance floor. 

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