Alex Mullins transposed the colors and textures of mundane interiors into some intriguing, deconstructed workwear.

The designer clad his models in designs such as a quilt-lined jacket made up of a patchwork of patterned upholstery fabric, for an arty, handmade effect. And stiff denim garments were done in contrasting, two-tone colors that evoked suburban sitting rooms, as in a thigh-length denim jacket and matching jeans — one half in mustard, the other in beige.

While the show did much to show off Mullins’s technical skills — one standout was a sweater crafted from whorl-shaped swatches of a cordlike fabric, creating a 3-D effect — the designer also managed to translate his ideas into more approachable pieces. Among them was a bulky, dark denim jacket lined with soft white quilting, and shirts and pants in a homey, black-and-white plaid.

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