Construction workers and bike couriers were the inspiration behind this punchy streetwear collection that was filled with bright colors, and fresh riffs on Shannon’s signature denim.

Opening his show with a neon yellow cyclist’s jersey and a pair of red runner’s leggings, Shannon segued into the denim, stitching together contrasting panels of classic indigo, white, bleached and black denim for jean jackets or shirts, some with neon collars and cuffs. Jeans were also two-tone.

Baggy indigo jeans were frayed to the point of destruction and paired with a similarly distressed shirt, while overalls were worn undone over patchwork tops. Shannon also used denim to great effect in a superpuffy quilted parka. The designer’s signature nylon pieces came this season in a black quilted jacket with zip-away panels, worn with a pair of navy quilted nylon overalls.

Several slogan sweatshirts using the visual lexicon of other brands — “Tumbleweed” for Timberland, “Loss International” for Hugo Boss and “CS Constant Stress” for Calvin Klein — were a witty take on Shannon’s downbeat mood following the Brexit referendum and Donald Trump’s victory.

“Oh well,” he mused. “It wouldn’t be a proper season if I don’t get sued.”

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