A woman’s work is never done and, according to Phoebe English, neither is a man’s.

In an offbeat installation, English’s models swept the floor, ironed clothes, folded and hung sheets on a line — with no one looking particularly happy. In fact, models looked utterly relieved when it was their time to line up and have their photographs taken — a welcome break from the drudgery.

The designer said her take on men’s wear is “rooted in reality and inspired by the creative men” that she knows, works and lives with. That translated into a spare collection of loose-fitting, street-inspired pieces, clearly allowing for freedom of movement in the kitchen, laundry room and the garden shed.

Loose shirts with round collars and colored stripes were layered under dark, elegant raincoats with high waists or lightweight parka-style jackets, some featuring giant backpacks. Trousers, some in dark corduroy, were gathered at the ankle while others, in Army green, were narrow with cuffs.

The collection was appealing and well-made — all in the U.K. — if a bit flat. English is known for her dramatic flourishes, and it would have been better to see more variety — or at least the same clothes outside of doing the washing up.