Thom Browne styled his models as roped party partners for fall.

Featuring the Moncler showroom transformed into a winter wood with pines, birches and artificial snow as a set, the runway show was a celebration of the antique and courageous art of hiking.

Ropes were not only wrapping and connecting the models, but they also became the main motif printed on many of the pieces, from a transparent waterproof long jacket and a sartorial padded suit to a wool tailored coat worn over a blazer and a pair of filled pants, all worked in the same pattern. References to mountain sports also echoed in the snap-hocks used as closures on an oversize padded blazer, as well as in the retro goggles, in the gaiters and in the giant backpacks completing the outfits.

With his collection, which juxtaposed tailored silhouettes with ultimately sporty looks still infused with a sartorial quality, Browne hit many trends of the season. For example, the maxi puffers; the omnipresent fur accents; the rich, thick knits with handmade finishing, as well as the insertion of very light colors in the palette.

A good signali to the industry: You can be on trend without compromising your design philosophy or your personal fashion vocabulary.

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